Leah Gardiner

Leah Gardiner

Leah Gardiner, BSc, PMP, Executive Director and Lead Trainer, Mindfulness Without Borders, (MWB). Leah is responsible for management of program strategy, stakeholder relations, research and day-to-day operations - making her an incredibly valuable part of the MWB team. Leah directs MWB’s research projects in Canada and the United States - including the Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses (PEPP) at London Victoria Hospital, Ontario.




Foundational, Relationships, Body, Emotions, Stress Relief, Focus, Sleep & Travel Meditations

Enjoy a preview of Mindful Listening with Sounds

With a mindful listening practice, we learn to let the sounds we hear to be the anchor to the present moment. Although listening seems like a natural skill, it requires attention and practice to stay present and truly hear what is being communicated. By learning to listen to our inner wisdom and our external environment, we can recognize judgments as they arise and not allow our personal agendas to interfere with our ability to stay open and curious to all of life's experiences. Whether one is totally new to the practice of mindful listening or a seasoned practitioner, the intent is to keep our listening ears open and pay close attention to the sounds, messages and gestures that are happening around and within us as they arise, linger and vanish.

Mindful Listening with Sounds

By Leah Gardiner | Mindful Listening with Sounds

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