Josefine Yrjans

Josefine Yrjans

Josefine Yrjans is a clinical psychologist and founder of Living In Attunement. She offers therapy, coaching, courses and retreats. She links modern psychology with yoga, meditation and wisdom traditions. Josefine is also a part of the team at Relate, a relationship company with pioneering apps and services to help people build meaningful relationships.




Foundational, Relationships, Body, Emotions, Stress Relief, Focus, Sleep & Travel Meditations

Enjoy a preview of Couples Meditation for Deeper Connection

A relational meditation experience from psychologist Josefine Yrjans that you do together with your partner for deeper presence and connection. With a slow enough pace so you can notice, feel and sense more. An exploration of what arises moment to moment. You will be guided with simple questions and prompts to take turns in expressing and listening. Being seen, heard and felt in this way builds trust and joy. It can be a true delight. Awkwardness is also welcomed. Enjoy the richness that is always available for us. Only some deep breaths away when the setting is intentional and safe enough.  Learn more about Relate and their relationship tools at

Couples Meditation for Deeper Connection

By Josefine Yrjans | Couples Meditation for Deeper Connection

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