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We want to help you meditate and experience less stress, better sleep and improve overall health. Welcome to The Mindfulness App!

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Can’t sleep?

Can’t sleep?

Unwind and enjoy a restorative night’s sleep now

Support in the night

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Still the mind and those worrying thoughts

Being here

Trouble concentrating?

Trouble concentrating?

Improve your focus and appreciate the present moment

Develop concentration

Meditation for you, everyday, everywhere.

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Your mindfulness journey awaits!

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Start your journey with a simple 5-Day introduction to mindfulness.

400+ meditations

Guided meditations from world-renowned experts.

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Customize and personalize the app to meet your own preferences and needs.

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You decide the amount of time and can choose between silent or guided.


Set reminders for yourself to build or maintain your meditation routine.

& much more

Find what works for you! We’re here to assist in any way possible!

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Our Teachers

Meet some of the most renowned teachers in the field of Meditation and Mindfulness

Kristin Neff

Kristin Neff

Kristin Neff Ph.D. is widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts on self-compassion, being...

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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, PsyD is as an executive coach. She is passionate about embodied learning and leadership,...

Read more
Anna Wikfalk

Anna Wikfalk

Anna Wikfalk is a Mindfulness, yoga teacher, author and lecturer and Sexual health - Pleasure coach. She...

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Daniel Siegel

Daniel Siegel

Dr. Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding...

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Life changing. Manage stress, build confidence and reduced anxiety. I signed up for another year with new goals!

Juan F

I've been using The Mindfulness App for about 9 years and absolutely love it. The meditation are excellent and varied. Highly recommend!

Sara S

Thank you for teaching me how to meditate and it's amazing to see the positive effects it can bring.

Oliver B

The best app I have come across for meditation and mindfulness. It’s great to incorporate in your morning routine.

Lesala K

Every bit of this app is life transforming!

Kara G

Love this app. Helps me fall asleep so fast

Suegas C

This is my go to mediation app! I love the teachers and the guided meditations. I always find exactly what I need at the right time.

Peter A

Whether it’s closing my day, starting my day, or just a moment to remember to breathe, this app is perfect. Thank you.

Maria J

I am not a meditator but have been trying for years to get the habit to stick. This app makes it so easy. Love the variety of meditations. If anyone is trying to start a good habit, this app really delivers.

Maggot C